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Property Development Course

Improve your ROI on your Property Development by using a system that Gets You The Best End Game At The Beginning

…without stress, running over budget & time. You get 40 years of experience to accelerate the success of any project large or small even if you are a complete beginner.

Hey there!


This is what you deserve to have

  • You deserve to have a successful project and not have to make costly mistakes. You deserve to have 

  • the project on time, on budget with little stress and see the profits you want. 

If you’ve tried to do it alone and failed then this program is definitely for you. 

Even if you are not sure if you can do it & are just starting out with a large or small property project or investment. You can.

I don't just tell you what to do, I show you exactly what to do and more importantly what NOT TO DO. This gives you the results you want and a mentor by your side every step of the way.

But First: Read This Disclaimer 


I get 100% results with my clients. Yes 100%. Those results are certainly not typical right? Most people try to tackle their projects alone, see some success or give up before they see the unbelievable profits that are left on the table. My clients don’t. Why?


Because they have my proven system (not just a course) and full support as their secret weapon. Because I know them inside out & I know property inside out. Because I give you the exact road map that I have used managing billions in property development and investing over 40 years.


So if you know… that you want to avoid costly mistakes & get a  system in place that ensures your success so you can sleep at night. Let’s begin.

Ian Rogers

Ian Rogers Property Development Consultant and Coach
Ian's System Is Like Having A Veteran Property Developer By Your Side, Guiding You Every Step Of The Way...
The Only Property Developer Course You Will Ever Need

Heidi Shannon, Property Investor, AU & IND

You deserve to have a complete A-Z system that  gets you the profits you want - without having to do it alone

Who is it for?

Help for property investors

Property Investors

Investors who want a faster or greater return and streamline their property portfolio whilst being completely in the know of every stage of your investment/s. Even those who are completely new to the game of real estate investment who want to source viable property & manage any construction with zero hassles.

help for property renovators

Property Renovators

Maybe you are ready for your first renovation? Maybe you want to flip properties for a living? Maybe you are already in the game but are not seeing the returns you want for  all the stress involved? Either way to build a solid portfolio & mitigate risk you need a system to follow that works.

help for property developers

Property Developers

For those that are ready to jump in head first to a career in property development or for those that already have skin in the game & want a proven process - from feasibility to getting the end result you want in record time without sacrificing quality this program is for you to use as a complete blue print. 

Imagine if you could get your hands on...

  • The exact step by step system that ensures you see the profits you want when investing, renovating & developing

  • How to spot the most viable projects, land & developments & grab them before anyone else does in any location

  • The only way to ensure your project is 100% risk proof & know the financial outcome before you even start

  • The exact planning blueprint that will eliminate all risk that sees my clients getting 100% results

  • What specific systems to use to plan, map, oversee & run a tight development & track your profit from A-Z

  • How to have the right key people in place & run a smooth ship with all involved 

  • How to foresee & eradicate problematic issues with contractors, quality, cost overruns & time delays that are impactful before they even happen

  • The easy way to have full control over every moving part of the project 24/7 without having to micro manage

  • How you can go from amateur, stressed, bleeding cashflow to to experienced leader in the field in a matter of weeks

A Successful Development Means...

construction development help


*without costly delays

property development coach


*and you get the profits you want

property development consultant


*without blowing the budget

We all start a project or investment with a grand vision and imagine the dollars in the bank and the final finished product.

We make the assumption in property that it's all about buildings, land, banks & spreadsheets but in reality Property Development is actually all about the people pulling off every moving parts - including you as the leader (not the boss). And really this is what breaks a project - people management.

If you combine poor people management with a lack of planning at the beginning - you never get the best end game.


Whether you are just investing to grow a portfolio or starting your first renovation or taking on a large commercial build - size doesn't matter - only the losses are greater when you are playing at a higher level. 

People and planning matter.

Maybe you've tried and failed?

(and why my clients get 100% results)

I'm guessing you've already tried to take matters into your own hands?

help for new property development

Doing It  Alone

(and realised it's impossible)

how to be a property developer

Trusting Others

(and realising you need to be in  full control)

how to be a property investor

Googling Everything Looking For Answers

(and became more confused)

Doing it all alone, without a system that works & a trusted advisor looking over your shoulder doesn't work... and here is why:


It's exhausting trying to learn everything you need to know on your own.


But take it from me - someone who has been in every area of construction, development and investing at every level from small to billion dollar projects… the size of the project doesn't matter - the same mistakes are made over and over and I am here to ensure you avoid these....

Does any of this sound familiar???


You can’t see it once you are in it.

You start with an outstanding vision and it all seems dandy until you are in it and overwhelm kicks in. This is why we meticulously plan every moving part & set the systems in place before you begin (or reverse and do it now). If you have already started we stop & get a blue print in place before going further. This way the plan and the systems keep everyone accountable every step of the way.

What you avoid in the beginning or skim over costs you big time in the end.

A lot of developers or investors are visionaries - but the devil is in the details. So they avoid the 'boring' planning & systems yet this is the meat and potatoes of every project. That's exactly why you need a system that takes the vision into reality but without missing any important crucial planning stages. Just follow the steps I give you and don't miss any if you want a 100% successful project.


You can’t do it alone.

The more you beat up on yourself, the more you try and fail alone - the worse you will feel & the stress piles on (so do the costs). Property development is one of the most exciting and lucrative industries but also can be extremely challenging which is why you must have a trusted mentor, outside of what you do, to both educate & support and to see what you can't see.


You don’t need to spend a bomb.

What if there was one program, a one stop shop that deals with ALL aspects of investment & development? Rather than pulling in advisors or learnings for different areas - you simply have everything you need step by step in one place.



It doesn’t need to take months or years to become a master in this field.

You don’t need long trainings and years of experience. You just have to take my 40 years and proven system and plug and play. You can be seeing the profits you want and enjoying every second of being a leader in this field in less than a few months.

You can have a trusted advisor OUTSIDE the project that can save you a lot of time money and energy.

If you've been burnt listening to others, taking the wrong advice or trusting certain team members who didn't follow through that's ok and quite common. Which is why  you need to be skilled at every area of process & have someone outside the project looking over your shoulder putting your best interests first.

Facts & Stats Don't Lie. Systems Matter.

I will tell you point blank - because stats don't lie if your project is not only viable but ensure your plan is in fact fool proof. I've met lots of developers that don't like being told no or aren't willing to listen and it costs them dearly. So inside this program and optional mastermind you must be willing to hear the truth & use a proven system to get the end game you truly want.

Are you are wondering exactly how you can become a master in Property Development & Investment ASAP?

(and also know you need help right now?)

A lot can change in just a few short weeks!

You can have a succinct plan for the whole of your project (renovation, development of any size.

You can absolutely know the outcome and end game at the beginning by crafting a project vision that is not only profitable but also realistic.

You can ensure your project is truly viable and will give you the profits you want (from thousands into the millions) by using a plug and play system.

You can have a crystal clear map and automated systems for every stage of the project.

You can have the right team & crew in place, all accountable to every deadline, price point & level of quality you desire. 

You can avoid disputes, cutting corners & unforeseen risks  and be fully in control from start to finish.

You can let the automated systems do the work for you.

You can sleep at night.

You can truly have a profitable build, development or investment with ease.

In fact… what if in just a few short months you were a master property developer with a bullet proof system?
(and it was actually fun)

Without having to do 4 courses

Without having to take on expensive advisors

Without having to do a Uni degree

Without having to spend a bomb

Without having to get years of experience

Without having to figure out the steps alone

Without feeling left alone with the stress & financial pressure

Without feeling lost in all the moving parts

Without having any experience

Without losing your investments because you tried to go it alone



Ian Rogers, Master Property Developer, is now releasing 40 years of experience and his proven methods for running successful projects from small to large in the billions. Previously working with Ian on your team cost you thousands. Now you have Ian's expertise for a fraction of the price & and his years of proven systems....


Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 11.07.28 am.png

The 4 TRAININGS IN ONE PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT BLUEPRINT for those who want the best end game at the beginning to be A Master Property Developer with 24/7 support in just a few months of intensive training & support.

The Power In This Program Is - A Proven System Over 40 Years Experience At Every Level of The Property Development Game

Full of proven advice, blue prints & systems that have worked 100% for hundreds of others that will breathe life into your investment & project and have you in full control, free from stress, time over runs and budget bleeds from start to finish.


  • Craft The Vision

(and ensure it is realistic, viable & extremely profitable for the long term)

  • Know The Outcome & Prove The Viability

(when sourcing &  securing any property how to ensure it's feasible)

  • The Planning Blueprint
    (this is where we spend most of our time & use the exact system I do with billion dollar projects to never miss a thing)

  • Stress Test Your Plan & Vision
    (eliminate all risk with and factor in the unforeseen & worst case scenarios to ensure the project stands the test)


  • Eliminate Risk Before It Happens
    (know what's coming from every role, every responsibility & what to do before it happens)


  • Choose The Right People From Day 1
    (sourcing & keeping all accountable to the plan and the profit)


  • Set Your Management Systems To Automate
    (manage every aspect of the project and investment with air tight precision that saves you a tonne of time and energy)


  • Track Every Step Of The Project
    (have a 360 degree view at all times of every moving part and person)


  • Communicate As A Skilled Leader Not A Boss
    (eliminate disputes, inspire your people as a master in the field)

  • Get you the 24/7 mentoring support and motivation you need
    (do the program DIY, use the system 24/7, join a mentoring group or get my advice 1:1 when you need it - the choice is yours)


  • See the profits you want for any build large or small
    (everyone will be asking how you did it! then you rinse and repeat your successful model)

*****Unlike other programs...

We don’t use long boring trainings that tell you what to do - we show you what to do! It doesn’t take years and it’s 100% fool proof - plus we give you full support so you don’t feel alone.

Using this powerful program that has helped others have a 100% success rate
means you will:

Bullet Proof Your Investment & Projects

Become A Highly Skilled Master Property Developer In Record Time

Eliminate Your Risk & Losses

Streamline Any Project From Start To Finish

On Time, On Budget, High Quality, Less Stress

The beauty of using a bullet proof system proven over 40  years at every level of the developer and investor market - is exactly that - its bullet proof advice you can actually trust.

What you don't want is to be sold into any 'get rich quick' property flipping courses only to realise you don't have any knowledge on how to 'flip' the property or how construction works with  the myriad of legals, roles and responsibilities in play. 

You also don't want to be learning from anyone who is serving up  just theory - rather than someone who has actually managed billions in the live market.

You don't want just another free class, sales call or to be 'sold into anything'. You want to speak to a real person that can pin point in 30 mins what your problems are, understand your fears & frustrations and show you how to solve them step by step using a system, real advice that is proven and also a training that will cut your consultancy fees massively and save you god knows how much in the long run.

You want truly to be at a mastery level and not have to keep buying programs and bringing in advisors as glue to hold it together. 

Yes you want results, profits and passive income but not at the expense of your sanity so you are willing to do it once and do it properly with a  veteran who has your back (and also a tonne of integrity which is grossly lacking in this field).

You want your 5-6 figure profits but you also want the proof and the systems to do it. 

If you are still with me then you might be a great fit for working with me, my team and this extremely inexpensive program.



Video How To Classes
Clear Action Steps
Calculators & Management Tools
Step By Step Templates
24/7 Support
Bullet Proof Guides & Systems
Success & Leadership Mindset Training

1      Inception


Part 1 - Craft Your Vision With Clarity

In part  1 you will learn how to avoid the 7 deadly sins of the property investment and construction industry. With a clear vision you will be ready to launch getting the best end game from the beginning..


  • Understanding Exactly How Construction Works
    (including every moving part)


  • Craft Your Project Vision From End to End
    (with a clear map & process to avoid costly mistakes)


  • Developing Your Powerful Project Brief
    (the most important document every developer needs to streamline every project and hand to every person involved)


  • Why These Crucial Steps Will Ensure You Eliminate Time Delays & Costly Mistakes In The Future
    (and how to ensure every detail of the project is proven to work)

3     Create & Launch

creation mock up.png

Part 3 - Launch Your Project

Now we are ready to step into action and bring the project to life with the right team, resources, funding, approvals & successful systems to stay on track.

  • Hire Your People and Management Team
    (choose the right team & vet them)


  • Eliminate all Risk & Factor In Control
    (develop a risk register &
     get approvals to control risks & protect your project)

  • Know The Resources & Quality Products You Need
    (gather all the required resources needed for your project)

  • Production Time
    (get a clear timeline for team, products & resources with realistic deadlines)


  • Track Your Numbers
    (how to continually track the budget & stay on track to eliminate financial losses or overruns)


  • Communicate To & Manage Your Team
    (how to get the best out of your people, automate communication & be a leader for  your team)

4     Deliver

ian deliver mock up.png

Part 4 - Deliver & Run A Successful Project & Get Your ROI Fast

Now you will execute a tight project management plan without delays or overruns and without losing your sleep or sanity. With systems in place to manage your people, cash flow & targets you will get the finished product & profits you want.

  • Run A Tight Programme With A Clear Schedule & Deadlines
    (keep all accountable with a system to that tracks each part of the delivery)

  • Control Your Costs For Profit
    (how to work with your budget to control costs at every step)

  • Maintain Quality Without Short Cuts
    (limit changes, shortcuts and team inefficiency)


  • Manage Every Moving Part Of The Process
    (always having a birds eye view of each moving part of your project)

2     Evolution

evolution mock up.png

Part 2 - Bring The Vision To Life & Turn It Into A Truly Viable Project

Now your vision comes to life and every detail of the project is mapped for success. You will create a master plan & eliminate risk by streamlining every step of the project management process.

  • Establishing The Basics Needed For Your Successful Project
    (including who what why and when)


  • Producing a Project Business Case & Feasibility Study
    (this means you project to profit, wipe out all risk & know the viability of your project)


  • Defining the Deliverables & Assumptions
    (know that you and your team can hit key targets & stick to the time frames & factor in unforeseen circumstances to eliminate surprises down the track)


  • Creating Clear Measures To Get The Benefits You Want
    (this means having systems in place to measure every step of the project)

What do industry pro's & Ian's clients say about his expertise?

white gradient.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at 3.34.14 pm.png
Sidney Cityscape
property development help

Ian's enthusiasm for everything he does in the property game is to be admired and is infectious. Ian is a great person to work with & learn from as you follow his steps you will see profound results. He is also an extremely decent man and full of integrity.

property development training

Ian has an incredible capacity to manage multiple projects and people, and always keeps his eye on the ball. He is a master networker, quickly understands the needs of the client and end users, and ensures every task is completed. He is also a really personable leader, and an inspiration to work with.
If you ever have the chance to gain eve a fraction of his knowledge in property - don't hesitate.

property development help

Ian managed several functions including Commercial Project Builds & Mobilisation together with the high level strategic planning of the Company vision from projects in his position on the Board. He provided invaluable support and was in regular contact with his various team members on all aspects of service delivery whilst seamlessly directly involved in several projects in their bid and operational phases. He was always available to assist, help or advise on any problem & solve it & gets the project doe in ways others failed to. If you have the chance to learn from Ian the value will be immeasurable.

Sidney Cityscape
property development coach

Ian is a recognised leader and problem solver with an exceptional track record in property development like no one else I have ever met. I was fortunate to work with Ian on a number of complex construction projects, relying on his in depth knowledge and expertise to guide me through commercial, contractual and legal risks. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Ian’s services.

property development consultant

Ian's wealth of knowledge in facilities and contract management is next to none. If you are developing any project without the legal knowledge and how to manage a successful facility upon launch - it's dangerous. He ensures from end to end a viable smooth project. His cheerful and positive outlook on problems keeps your moral high and the ball rolling. Having Ian on our team was no doubt a great advantage, always setting the bar high when it comes to professionalism and efficiency. I definitely look forward to working with him again on future projects.

property investor help

Ian has demonstrated true generosity of his expertise, his time, and his many selfless talents to being a huge part of property development in the Caribbean. He brings international experience and diverse, yet complimentary skills to your projects, that are truly invaluable. His strengths as a construction professional, a project savant, and a facility futurist of sorts (having been involved in the highly evolved FM industries in the UK, and in Asia), are remarkable. He's highly recommended in my book, and I relish the opportunity to work with him in the near and distant future.

Book A Call With Ian TODAY  To Discuss Your Project & Get Access To


30 Min Free Project Analysis With Ian

Talk to Ian today to get a complete analysis of your project or ideas & investment to find the gaps & exactly how to create a successful project.


Free Project Assessment
A complete assessment that shows you in minutes exactly what's needed to get your ROI.


Start Program

about IJR.

Like you, I started with just one property. Then I developed a winning process that works.


Years Experience


Annual Turnover Of Operational Contracts With Clients





Worth In Construction Projects

real estate development coach

CEO ACE Project Solutions LTD

Consultant & Coach For Property Developers & Investors

Founder of the Podcast PROPERTY DONE PROPERLY

Trainer of Elite Developers & Investors

Facilities Management & Construction Expert

Experience of a Veteran. Energy of a Bull.


If you asked anyone in the industry or my clients how to describe me in a few words they would tell you this:

A stickler for detail.

Hard when you need him to be - but can get the best out of anyone.

A pro from start to finish.

Will make you money.

Unlike most coaches or mentors in the industry I've worked (and built) at every level of every project. That means from vision to conception to development to facilities management - I have a well trodden track record at every level of the project.

You see it's all in the little details (hey I'm an engineer by trade) that you probably miss where the profit lies. And I love detail. I also love deadlines and all those details and deadlines add up to - profit without stress.

I developed something powerful called the ACE Process; built over 40 years working at every level of the Built Environment, Property Investing and Construction giving me (and now you) an edge that is unparalleled in the industry.

I provide highly effective and proven coaching, mentoring, training and no BS advice and consulting that provides leaders (or beginners) in real estate development and property investment the ability to have a winning edge - create wealth, eliminate unforeseen delays and expensive mistakes for the full life cycle of your project. 

Whether you are starting out small scale or going big - I've been there.

I use a proven BLUE PRINT for design, management, efficiency and control over your investment from Day 1 you have guaranteed success using my 40 years of experience and ability to help you see blind spots others have failed to and erase problems before they arise.

Partnering with myself and utilising my ACE Process, industry leaders like you set and work towards achieving strategically aligned developmental goals fast, combining personal mindset & leadership skills with business development blue prints to achieve the outcomes you desire - putting you way ahead of the rest.


I stretch YOU to gain deep personal insight, reach challenging goals in record time and master the areas that will leverage success for teams, projects and profit.

You are ready to begin this training course if:

You are ready to get started on a development, a vision or an investment

(including complete beginners with a development of any size)

You already have a project or a few or a current investment


(and you need a streamlined system & mentor to increase your ROI or fix the damages)

You want to use a proven step by step system

(and get the same results that I do on every project)