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about IJR.

Like you, I started with just one property. Then I developed a winning process that works.

I help property developers & investors increase their profits and run streamlined projects from start to finish using my 40 years of experience.

Ian Rogers Property Development Coach

Let's unlock your hidden potential and profits

Let me show you how to get outstanding results, profits & systems to excel in 45 mins.


Use my vast experience in property development, facilities management, engineering & project management managing more than $5 billion in projects
to solve big problems the fast & easy way...

real estate development coach

CEO ACE Property Development

Consultant & Coach For Property Developers & Investors

Founder of the Podcast PROPERTY DONE PROPERLY

Trainer of Elite Developers & Investors

Facilities Management & Construction Expert

Experience of a Veteran. Energy of a Bull.


If you asked anyone in the industry or my clients how to describe me in a few words they would tell you this:

A stickler for detail.

Hard when you need him to be - but can get the best out of anyone.

A pro from start to finish.

Will make you money.

Unlike most coaches or mentors in the industry I've worked (and built) at every level of every project. That means from vision to conception to development to facilities management - I have a well trodden track record at every level of the project.

You see it's all in the little details (hey I'm an engineer by trade) that you probably miss where the profit lies. And I love detail. I also love deadlines and all those details and deadlines add up to - profit without stress.

I developed something powerful called the ACE Process; built over 40 years working at every level of the Built Environment, Property Investing and Construction giving me (and now you) an edge that is unparalleled in the industry.

I provide highly effective and proven coaching, mentoring, training and no BS advice and consulting that provides leaders (or beginners) in real estate development and property investment the ability to have a winning edge - create wealth, eliminate unforeseen delays and expensive mistakes for the full life cycle of your project. 

Whether you are starting out small scale or going big - I've been there.

I use a proven BLUE PRINT for design, management, efficiency and control over your investment from Day 1 you have guaranteed success using my 40 years of experience and ability to help you see blind spots others have failed to and erase problems before they arise.

Partnering with myself and utilising my ACE Process, industry leaders like you set and work towards achieving strategically aligned developmental goals fast, combining personal mindset & leadership skills with business development blue prints to achieve the outcomes you desire - putting you way ahead of the rest.


I stretch YOU to gain deep personal insight, reach challenging goals in record time and master the areas that will leverage success for teams, projects and profit.

The expertise you get access to:

real estate development help

The 70's

Ground zero...

I was born into construction and found myself on my father's construction company job sites as a kid learning the ropes of a build from as young as 11... I was lucky to learn from old school tradies who really knew how to build with skill...

The 70's

And then I learned...

The 80's

Fascinated with design I set out to be an architect and then instead took it a step further and became a Chartered Quantity Surveyor putting my analytical brain to work saving clients millions on large commercial builds. It was here I upskilled in contracts, negotiation, dispute resolution and financial management.

And then I found out...

The 90's

During the construction recession I dove into the Facilities Management game and mastered the art of developing every aspect of the project - the whole life cycle. Working for massive government projects taught me how every build has to consider the outcome and then reverse engineer it into every little detail to save costs on running in the future. I've managed projects worth up to 1 billion pound where every dollar counts.

So I created...


I stepped out on my own as a consultant which landed me a job in Barbados. falling in love with the island culture I moved my head quarters and life to here. I've consulted, partnered and advised on $5.5 billion worth of capital projects and $200 million worth of commercial and residential projects of all sizes. During this time I created the ACE process which now I get to share with you.

And now you can...


Now after so many years of learning, refining and mastering every area of construction I share my knowledge with you. Whether you are just starting out in construction, developing property or investing - I mentor you to succeed.

If you are looking for a highly refined training, skilled coach or a consult to walk you through it step by step - get in touch.


Years Experience


Annual Turnover Of Operational Contracts With Clients




$200 m

Worth In Construction Projects

Let me save you time, money and energy
(and pain)...


Sidney Cityscape
property development help

Ian's enthusiasm for everything he does is to be admired and is infectious. Ian is a great person to work with, he is decent and full of integrity.

property development training

Ian has an incredible capacity to manage multiple projects and people, and always keeps his eye on the ball. He is a master networker, quickly understands the needs of the client and end users, and ensures every task is completed. He is also a really personable leader, and an inspiration to work with.

property development help

Ian, managed several functions including Commercial, Help Desk and Mobilisation together with the high level strategic policies of the Company from his position on the Board. He provided support and was in regular contact with his various team members on all aspects of service delivery while also directly involved in several projects in their bid and operational phases. He was always available to assist, help or advise on any problem.

Sidney Cityscape
property development coach

Ian is a recognised leader and problem solver with an exceptional track record of providing commercial solutions to business. I was fortunate to work with Ian on a number of complex construction projects, relying on his in depth knowledge and expertise to guide me through commercial, contractual and legal risks. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Ian’s services.

property development consultant

Ian's wealth of knowledge in facilities and contract management is next to none on the island. His cheerful and positive outlook on problems keeps the moral high and the ball rolling. Having Ian on our team was no doubt a great advantage, always setting the bar high when it comes to professionalism and efficiency. I definitely look forward to working with him again on future projects.

property investor help

Tyrel Melville, FMP

Senior Facility Manager | Corporate Real Estate Asset Manager | Property Management Savant | Property Management Circle

Ian has demonstrated true generosity of his expertise, his time, and his many selfless talents to being a huge part of the FM story in the Caribbean. He brings international experience and diverse, yet complimentary skills to the local and regional industry, that are truly invaluable. His strengths as a construction professional, a project savant, and a facility futurist of sorts (having been involved in the highly evolved FM industries in the UK, and in Asia), are remarkable. Ian is truly a distinguished statesman for the FM profession in our region. He's highly recommended in my book, and I relish the opportunity to work with him in the near and distant future.

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I started with one build and you can too. Take all this experience for large & small scale projects & learn from the best...

Build Successful Projects With My Help


What is happening now in the industry? 

It's likely you are seeing executive coaches offering 15 minute calls to try and get your business. 

I've been in the industry for 40 years and for the first time will be opening up my calendar to offer a 1 hour Success Analysis session.
This is a strategy deep dive. 
Giving you the real and right answers to avoid penalties, cut costs, avoid delays and maximise revenue. 

Prior to this call you will be asked to complete a Success Evaluation which will enable us to make the most of our time together on the call. 

In just 1 hour together we will uncover: 

  • Your current biggest issue and road blocks

  • The feasibility of operational success of your project 

  • Where resources are being misallocated 

  • How to maximise revenue and guarantee the future success of the project 

I guarantee that this hour will give you information that will dramatically affect the bottom line of any current and ongoing projects.






Everclear is a special purpose vehicle (SPV) set up specifically to undertake this project. The shareholders of the SPV are experienced contractors and developers. The ultimate client was the water authority. The island is classified as a water scarce island and therefore required additional water supplies that were sustainable.

We were asked initially to assist in drafting and negotiating the water purchase agreement and to undertake the financial modelling. Later we assisted with the project management of the pump tests.

The outcome was that the water purchase agreement was signed and the pump tests were successfully completed.




The Government of Barbados – independently and in conjunction with other Caribbean states - has for some time been reviewing its procedures for public procurement and has moved towards adopting the UK approach based on the UK PFI/PPP model.


We were initially engaged by Innotech to assist with their tender documentation. Having got them to preferred bidder status we assisted in structuring the deal, putting all the documentation in place and successfully negotiating the contract through to signature. Additionally providing strategic input to ISL's approach to the pricing and management of risks.


Once the facility was built we designed a FM service delivery model to meet the requirements of the payment mechanism and a fully costed lifecycle plan intended to meet the end of term handover conditions based on a condition related programme of planned maintenance and reactive capability controlled through a CAFM help desk facility.


The result of our work saw ISL's complete and now operate a successful project.




We were engaged as a subcontractor to McKinsey & Company UK to investigate and report on how – if at all – the ability of each of the 23 Trusts to meet the financial criteria set by Monitor and the DoH for transition to Foundation status is being or is likely to be affected by the fact that the Trust is, or is in the process of, becoming an obligor under a PFI contract.

After submitting a detailed questionnaire we completed a review of the electronic documents, followed by an interview to calculate the impact of the PFI contract on a number of key factors including increased efficiency, cost inflation, adoption of new financial reporting standards, cost improvement plans, public dividends, liquidity and other financial ratios relevant to the Foundation Trust threshold criteria.

The results in relation to the 17 Trusts with operational PFI projects, the DoH benefitted from having a clear insight into the relative direct and indirect impact of the Trust’s PFI contractual obligations on their ability to meet the threshold requirements for becoming Foundation Trusts. The benefits to the DoH extended to an objective understanding in respect to all Trusts included in the assessment of the effectiveness of contract management and the scope for savings and efficiency gains.




We put together a team of professionals with various skill sets to undertake the audit, and then analysed the data to ascertain the status of the current situation. The properties range in ages from 7 to 25 years and are at various states of repair and condition, with the newest having some more serious issues. 

A detailed report on the current condition was produced, and an FM strategy made and presented to the board resulting in the NIB receiving the information needed to put in place a more efficient and cost effective solution. 




Amey is one of the top five support services suppliers in the UK. They employ 16,000 people and have a turnover of around £2.1bn. Amey maintains the UK’s road and rail infrastructure, keeps schools safe and clean, manages the UK’s defence estate, safely escorts prisoners and keeps prisons and courts secure. They also collect and process waste, as well as deliver utilities services.

We commenced the assignment by reviewing the contractual requirements and obligations of the payment mechanism and summarised these.

We then analysed all the help desk logs for the period in question and assessed each entry against the Service Level Agreement and contract time scales. This analysis was then summarised in a report on the findings to show what actions were compliant with the contract and which were not.

This resulted in a better understanding of the situation and it's management, and created constructive conversations with the client. 




The client is a private family of Barbadian and Dominican origin, living in London but seeking to relocate to Barbados. They therefore wanted to build a house for their use and retirement in Barbados.

They engaged a local builder to build the house according to outline designs completed to meet the Town and Country Planning requirements. A lump sum contract price was agreed and signed, with stage payments made. As a result of the financial crash, which had a delayed impact on Barbados, construction activity fell and the builder got into financial difficulty. As a result the works were not fully completed, although monies had been paid to do the work.

The result of our work led to the the client receiving a clear understanding of the situation they faced, and a contractual undertaking for the repayments. The work was then completed in a phased approach to completion.




Mitie was awarded a substantial facilities management contract covering an estate of some 3,500 buildings with an annual value of approximately £150m. The contract was negotiated over a short period of time and mobilised in three months.

Through our understanding of large complex contracts, we were able to ascertain the important obligations and build the appropriate process charts. From this, systems were put in place to manage the contract.

After working through our consulting process, Mitie was able to have a clear understanding of the obligations so that the contract staff could easily relate to those obligations and manage the risks of the contract. 




Due to increased international student deman, UWI was seeking to build another student accommodation block and wanted to use the PPP structure as a means of securing a financed solution. 

A suite of documents were put together to ensure the project would be allowed and procured in the most cost effective way including; development of project structures, production of a financial model, production of a request for proposal and contract documents, assisted tender evaluation and contact negotiation, reviewing and drafting operational specifications and requirements. 




Innotech Services Ltd (ISL) is one of the major contractor companies in the Caribbean region, with an operating branch in St. Kitts. ISL has been contracted to undertake the design and build of a new school on the island using construction management.

The project is an ambitious and modern designed building for a large secondary school on a new Greenfield site. ISL has been involved in the project from inception and ACE has been in a supporting role.

The architectural design was undertaken using Building Information Modelling techniques, which is a new method for the Caribbean region.

This resulted in a very large and sophisticated project is being managed in an open and transparent way, so that all parties have a clear understanding of what is going on.




Brookfield Asset Management (Formally Multiplex Facilities Management) was engaged by the SPV, Peterborough (Progressive Health) Ltd to provide the hard FM services for the Peterborough City PFI hospital contract.

The Brookfield delivery team on site needed to understand all of their obligations and how to operate the payment mechanism, in a simple and straightforward way, such that every member of the team could easily understand what they had to do.

Although we were very familiar with these types of contracts, we had to read the contract documentation carefully to make sure we fully understood the particular requirements of this contract and in particular how the payment mechanism worked in detail. We then produced a simple to follow operational guide detailing all the obligations of the parties in order to allow the operational team to easily understand those obligations and apply them to the everyday operations of the contract. We then delivered an onsite training programme to the operational hard FM team.

The Brookfield team were able to fully understand all of their obligations and to set up the required systems to effectively manage the contract in a complaint way. They also had an easy to follow operational guide which they could refer to as required.

how to get IJR
in your corner?


In Less Than 1 Hour I Will Show You How To...

Create a winning design & project that profits from Day ONE

(and consider everything)
Get the systems & careful planning in place to ensure you succeed

(& streamline your business & operations)
Get skilled advice from a professional who has worked every area of the development market

(& will get you the results you want)
Get your hands on careful financial planning and analysis to ensure you profit

(and stop bleeding your cashflow + save your sleep)
Have a professional skilled coach in your corner to get the winning edge you want as a leader in your field

(no matter where you are or what size the build is)
Manage your people effectively and easily  & build high performing teams

(with ease as a leader ahead of the rest)
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